Who Is GucckiiDaGreat?

GucckiiDaGreat was born in Brooklyn, Ny and was raised in a single parent home (with her mom with Help from her cousin Lucia and and Grandma Gucckii. )She played basketball from 8 years of age until 20 years of age.

GucckiiDaGreat was always stylish , she won best dress in all her school year books.  In 2016 GucckiiDaGreat created clothing company Living Life Apparel LLC and non  profit organization Self Paid Bosses Entertainment Inc. In 2020 she began styling friends and family. Now she is ready to show the world why 

As a child she use to choreograph dances for her Elementary/ Middle School (P.s./I.s 298 Dr Betty Shabezz) shows and block parties. In which she use to design the clothes for the dancers and herself . She would rip up shirts and jeans then add fabric paint and spray paint to them. From elementary to college herassociates would call her to borrow clothes, make them clothes or just simply ask for fashion advice.

In 2010 grandma gucckii taught her the basics of the sewing machine however she is not a pro as of yet. Her and her grandmother started designing shirts from bandanna and different fabrics she would get from Moods Fabric store. As she began to get comfortable she branched off to adding fabrics to jeans and timberland boots on her own.

Designing clothes is just one of the many talents the universe blessed her with. You ask why she does this work. It’s simple, she wants to shine light on whats society sweeps under the rug. And she does through through her Living Life Apparel Collections. Most of the collections she creates are limited edition and have their own special message. Some of her collections speak on domestic violence , autism , self love , respect & discipline ,endometriosis , healing & many more. 

Yes if you look at Living Life Apparel LLC website and social media platforms you will see that most of the pieces are sweat suits, shirts , pants and hats with different designs/logos.

If you want to dive a little deeper just look into the details you will get the message. When she started her clothing company she wanted everything to be cut and sewn. So when someone wears it, it tells a full story without them having to speak. All her pieces have minor flaws and will continue because she believe nothing or no one is perfect.
She’s flawed in many ways that most will never see, simply because of how she carries herself. You wonder what’s her inspiration. That’s real simple. Herself! Because she don’t fear to be different due to the fact she was the Black Sheep in her family after revealing to them she’s a lesbians.

She simply just wants to show the world it’s okay to be you despite what society teaches you or how any one makes you feel.


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